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Generator Stator

Generator Stator
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USD $159.00

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  • Direct replacement to your original unit
  • Plug-and-play, direct fit, easy installation.
  • Highest grade lamination materials
  • Highest grade copper windings, resistant to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Connector included
  • All product shipped are tested
  • One year limited warranty
*This Stator does not include the factory 16 gang connector. There is more than one possible stator for the sportsman 700 Non-efi 4x4 2004 and the Sportsman 600 2004. The RM01330 OD is 108mm, ID 40mm, thickness is 13mm. Please call for further clarification.
*All item pictures are accurate, if in doubt do not hesitate to compare our item to your original part.
Before installing your new stator
  • Check the AC output of the stator.
  • Replace any burned or corroded connectors on stator and regulator/rectifier
  • Check and repair any melted wiring.
  • Use hi-temp dielectric grease on all connectors
Our stator may use a different wire color code then you’re original.
All of the wires are installed in the correct order; please do not change any of the wiring configurations.
This stator is designed as a direct plug-in replacement and should be used as such.
When bolting stator in, always use locking compound.
If our stator includes a pickup coil, always make sure the air gap is correct upon installation; we suggest as close as possible no less than 0.010’’.

Nine wires
Eleven terminals
ALTERNATOR Yellow/Red to Yellow to Yellow 0.4 ohms ±20%
PICKUP Blue to Green 200 ohms ±20%
POSITION SENSOR Red to White 0.3 ohms ±20%
Black is Ground
 -  2006  POLARIS    Sportsman 700 Non-EFI
 -  2005  POLARIS    Sportsman 700 Non-EFI
 -  2004  POLARIS    Sportsman 600
 -  2004  POLARIS    Sportsman 700 Non-EFI

Generator Stator